My Shit.

Brandan Boggs. "I'm kind of a big deal."
Love: Life, Wu-Tang Clan, Triangles, Weed, Mac Lethal, Diablo, Atmosphere, Midgets (Not sexually), Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Bob, Damian, and Ziggy Marley, Pokemon, Legend Of Link, (Not Zelda, she doesn't do shit.), Tattoos, Super Mario, Being a Leo, Saying "Nigga." even though I'm white, Turtles, especially Teenage Mutant Ninja ones, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, The color red, Sublime, Weed, Starbursts, Sarcasm, Hailing Satan, Morning sex, Cigarettes, Coffee (In that order), Quoting movies, Fucking School and Burning Shit, Little Cats, Big Cats, Dogs, Birds, Weed, Crazy Reptiles, Animals are fuckin' cool. Lighthouses.


"He hurdles Peaks Point!" [Jumps over a small rock.]
"He hurdles the Grand Canyon!" [Jumps over a crack in the sidewalk.]

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